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Blended Learning

We create learning experiences that suit your audience and goals

The heart and soul of our company is building motivational & performance-driven custom learning solutions for your learners.

Behavior change is at the core of what we do. Our approach to designing custom learning is focusing first and foremost on the needed outcomes.

What we do

We offer Blended programs at our expertise areas:  Leadership, Sales and Retail training. Our blended learning includes :

  • Online assessments : to help self awareness and create motivation among the participants.

  • Rapid learning modules : Customized modules that are parts of the training path.

  • Operational workshops : aiming to share knowledge or put knowledge into practice.

Beyond blended learning and  in cooperation with our partner at e learning,  we  also provide :  

  • Portals and Learning Platforms

  • e-Learning multi-device, ready-to use content

The benefits of Blended Learning :

  • Face to face time is focused on the issues that really matter

  • Individuals can control the pace of their own development

  • It reduces time away from the job and so maintains productivity

  • Your budget goes further and your returns are greater

Make knowledge your own asset

Our Beliefs

António Damásio wrote about the relationship between brain, body and mind as early as 1994, in “Descartes’ Error.” Few years ago, David  Sousa and John Medina translated Damásio’s work into perspectives on learning and development. Based on their extraordinary work we develop our three principals that concern learning and blended learning.

Learning Together

As humans, we have been equipped with a social interaction system that allows us to learn  thinking, observing and projecting . When we see someone performing an action, mirror neurons cause our brain to react the same way as when we’re doing it ourselves. Furthermore,  we can imaging the performance of others and learn from their experience because our brain “put us in action”.   That is  the main reason that we believe in classroom training. Participants learn the model, hear each other, discuss, solve exercises and see  videos. That procedure  enables a learning reaction because of our social interaction system.

Rapid Learning

When our brains code information in small quantity is easier to make the proper connections, put the knowledge at the proper category and put it in action when there is a demand. In addition to classroom training, we focus on short  workshops or e learning modules to enrich knowledge or build sub-skills in short amounts of time.

From Program to Process

Researches shows that  there is a gap between skills learned and organization needs. The main reason is that programs are not aligned to market and organization itself. The outcome of training should be a higher performance and not only skills’ development. Training programs should focus not only on skills but they should be aligned to goals and key economic driver of organizational success.   We believe that a  training  process that includes classroom, rapid learning, follow ups, projects undertaken and coaching has the flexibility and the capability to develop performance to a higher or even to a mastery level. Performance is a combination of self awareness and  a series of the right qualitative and quantitative set of  skills. For us Learning as is not a product but  a continues improvement system.