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Participants are guided through a powerful learning journey during which they are introduced to new ways of seeing, relating to and influencing others, and provided opportunities to immediately experiment with and practice advanced approaches to coaching and leadership

Popular speaking topics include:

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The Courageous Coaching Conversation

This session is based on the core tenet that leaders have opportunities every day to be a positive force on their teams and throughout their organizations by engaging in difficult conversations that most others avoid. During this thought-provoking Keynote Workshop, participants will be introduced to a potent, five-step model that they can immediately employ to dramatically increase their conversational impact. Using a revealing self-assessment instrument, participants will be challenged to examine both their willingness to engage in Courageous Conversations and their effectiveness in such conversations. They will also be provided guidance on the creation of an ambitious personal development plan.

The Leader Speaks ...Communicating With Impact

Effective communication is not simply another leadership competency. It is the very heart of leadership and permeates everything the leader does. Great leaders become great by making their voices heard amidst all of the other noise in the organization today. The Leader Speaks is a highly impactful Keynote Workshop that provides participants with the key principles necessary to significantly accelerate their communication effectiveness. They will also have opportunities to practice these principles during the session and receive feedback on their personal communication effectiveness.

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The Leader as Learner

This new Keynote Workshop helps participants make the often difficult shift from leading from knowledge to leading from learning. Today, learning is a major part of every leader’s role. We are still in the early stages of a digital global economy that is completely dismantling the existing social and financial framework. Markets are volatile, talent is in short supply, information is rapidly and broadly dispersed, and traditional organizations are flattening and losing their boundaries. Leaders can no longer simply rely upon their positional power, domain knowledge, technical expertise and exclusive access to information. They now need to be great learners as well. The rapid rate of change means that leaders cannot act solely on what they know. They need to act on what they learn. In The Leader as Learner Keynote Workshop participants will study the five distinct qualities of today’s highly successfully learner-leaders, namely: An Opportunistic Bias; Premeditated Agility; Emotional Strength; Reversed Perspective; and Unfair Intelligence.

Impact & Influence

In this skill-building Keynote Workshop, participants will have the opportunity to explore ways in which they can significantly increase their interpersonal effectiveness both inside and outside their organizations. The workshop is based on our findings that people who have a distinctly positive impact and influence on others consistently demonstrate that they: have a strong sense of self-awareness, are clear on what matters most to them in their work and life, have the ability to make profound connections with others, and engage in challenging conversations that others usually avoid. This session is designed to be fast-paced and highly experiential, employing brief lecturettes, group discussions and intense dialogues that will afford participants several opportunities to practice ways in which they can become a more positive force in their teams and organizations. Specifically, they will learn how they can create and sustain uniquely responsive relationships and how to engage in the critical, often-avoided conversations that most others avoid.

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Connecting to the C-Suite

This three-hour, highly experiential workshop is designed to provide participants with potent communication/dialogue skills and approaches they can immediately use to readily engage and influence senior executives within prospective customer organizations. Participants will learn three readily-usable Communication Power Tools and will gain hands-on experience with each tool.

The Big Shift

Whether it is an appointment to Partner in KPMG, a General Manager at Microsoft or a Senior Vice President at New York Life, one thing is certain–a major shift in leadership role and responsibilities is imminent. No longer is it enough for the leader to simply do great client work or even lead a great team of professionals; the leader now needs to create real value in a challenging, unforgiving marketplace. This 75-minute development experience will be designed to help the newly-appointed Partners explore the profound changes and expectations that accompany their new roles as well as to craft specific, pragmatic leadership approaches aimed at excelling in these roles. The session will be designed to be highly experiential and will employ an engaging and varied series of instructional processes including brief lecturettes, group exercises, videos, self-assessments and peer coaching. (We define an enterprise leader as one who has personal responsibility for significant business development, execution and profitability).

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The Leader as Talent Developer

Developing talent is now not just one of those nice-to-do Human Resources responsibilities for the leader. It now is a responsibility upon which the very future of our organizations will likely depend. Talent will be one of the most important differentiators between the winners and the losers in the emerging economy. The traditional sources of competitive advantage such as technology, supply chains and cost structures are now quickly replicated. Increasingly, those progressive organizations that are populated by people who are more innovative, more productive and more knowledgeable will survive and thrive while those that do not get the very best from their people will stagnate. There is good news, however. The vast majority of people want to learn, grow and do ever more important work. Even those who have been beaten down by years of tedious work devoid of challenges and learning opportunities can find renewed passion and zeal when provided the chance to develop their skills and abilities. But none of this happens without a concerted effort on the part of leaders at all levels of the organization. Leaders need to value talent. They need to see their role as developers of talent. They need to eat, sleep and dream talent. It is that important.