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Actionpoint aims to Grow your Business by contributing to positive changes and inspire people to achieve sustainable goals.Our partners are leading organizations that operates globally and locally and each partner is different and has its unique success factors.Their expertise enables us to do far more than we could alone, and their passion and talent inspire us. It is our pleasure to introduce you to our network

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Bluepoint was founded at 1989. After 27 years of developing leaders in organizations throughout the world, their workshops and coaching programs are recognized by many as simply the very best available today. Through Bluepoint , we provide complete leadership development solutions that include design, preparation, workshops, assessments, blended and rapid learning, coaching, virtual classroom and a full range of support tools and resources. Graduates of our programs universally report that their participation in a Bluepoint program had a profound effect on them personally and was one of the most important development experiences of their career.

During our facilitator led workshops, personalized coaching programs and online learning applications, we educate, train and coach leaders to use their natural talents to dramatically accelerate their personal and professional development. Our work is distinguished by program graduates who are fully equipped and highly motivated to make an immediate, significant impact on their teams and organizations.

For the eighth year in a row, Bluepoint Leadership Development was recognized by Training Industry.com as one of the top Leadership Development Companies in North America to watch for.

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KORIMVOS was founded in May 2003 and is based in Athens, Greece. The company provides integrated e learning solutions with the use of new Technologies of Informatics adapted in the needs of customers.

KORIMVOS is official representative of Centra platform in Greece. Centra is a platform of e-Learning and e-Collaboration in real time and is a product, which from January 2006 belongs in the products of SABA company. Centra provides application software that enables effective online synchronous (in real time) and asynchronous training.

Korivmos’  infrastructures are installed in “net”, the biggest Internet provider in Greece, which belongs to the group of companies of OTE S.A. (Hellenic Telecommunications Organization).

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PPP is a training consulting firm helping people develop the kind of versatile thinking that is resilient to change, that is creative even in uncertain times and that challenges the existing way of doing things, when a new way of doing things is required for success.

In our quest, the guiding idea is the fundamental question of ‘what is it for?’, the key concept of purpose.

PPP’s raw material includes principles, concepts, models, research, professional expertise, and good common sense. PPP’s tools for working that material are the participation, discovery, ideas, passions, beliefs, skills, and the potential of our customers.

PPP organizational development methodology covers the three different aspects of the human interactions in the business environment, relations with customers, relations with others and relations with self.  The development of PPP methodology is based on a systemic approach that is implemented through the formulation of “Academies” and the use of “Training Engineering”.

  1. Academy is a thorough organizational intervention in a particular area of business needs.
  2. Training Engineering is a methodology of instructional design, development and distribution of training content.

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Central is an international publisher providing reliable psychometric assessments and training to meet current HR challenges. It has different offices in Paris (Headquarters), London, Bangalore, and Antananarivo.

Founded in 2002, Central Test designs and distributes a wide range of  HR assessment tools which help organizations to optimize their performance by improving their human capital management.