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The BCC Method

What Top Organizations Do to Create an Effective Network?

Latest  research shows that successful organizations take some critical actions that improve service and accelerate network’s performance impact. We focus on those that are relevant to people:

1. Align People to Values and Business Goals.

Creating a clear understanding of which values are important and which behaviors support the organization’s values and strategy.

2. Develop an ongoing Learning Process.

All changes of the market, including your organization and clients, are captured and transformed into new information, practices and skills. Organization develop a continuous learning process that diffuse information to network and use network’s resources to develop skills.

3. Integrate the Development Architecture.

Linking structured learning and development tasks with performance and customer perception enables organization to reach goals and the highest level at Customer Loyalty.

The BCC Method

Our method aims to improve performance and ensure long lasting Service Excellence

Business and People Outline

At that stage we define goals and use tools to map the existing situation, assesses the service level and define the leakage from strategy to execution. We use tools that improves measurability & objectivity such as:

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Sales Audit & Belief Audit

It is a mix of interviews and a mini research that define gaps between HQ’s strategy and execution at stores’ level.

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Customer’s Insight

It is a research that focus of how customer perceive the Company and the Service. It is a quantitative descriptive research that focus on major clients.

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Store Manager Assessment & Service Assessment

Those reports provides invaluable feedback on the current store management performance and  the level of service.

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Mystery Shopping

It is the classical tool that measure service level and areas of improvement. Mystery shopping is used as pre & pro assessment.

Culture Forging

Service Excellence is more than skills, it’s a culture. To forge a customer oriented culture we use a combination of workshops, seminars and on the job learning that aims to integrate positive behaviors and consolidate them into a Value System. By the end of that state network reaches a excellence service level. The most popular workshops are:

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Our Values

This workshop inspire people to find the shared values of their organization. It uses a narrative approach to elicit personal values from each participant and then iteratively consolidates those values into themes with positive value statements to guide behavior.

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Values in Action

It is less workshop and most self learning. It guides participants to a learning journey in which transform values to behaviors and define areas for improvement.

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Store Leadership

This powerful workshop enables store managers  to become inspired leader and daily coaches. Based on cases , participants learn how to develop pride at their team, how to manage and coach their team and systematically improve skills and team performance.

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Store Management

Strengthen your store by strengthening you management. Hiring, setting goals, effective meetings, on the job coaching develop a vision, delegate are the main subject of this workshop. It provides a holistic and at the same time developing and inspiring  approach of Store Management.

Continuous Improvement System

This is our legacy. It’s an ongoing learning system that can be implemented by our clients. It is a combination of rapid learning, e learning modules, articles and coaching that aims to push Network’s Performance at a state of high knowledge and energy. This System involves all stakeholders and it is uniquely designed to equip network with the practices and competencies necessary to reach a Mastery Level.

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Rapid Learning

It is the process of learning through short, digestible, wellplanned units. Those are small bites learning modules that aim to develop participants’ skills. Those modules focus on real life situations that take place into stores and impact service and customer perception.

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E learning

We use e learning to diffuse information and develop skills. It is about short & customized learning modules that helps network to perform better and faster. They usually are  followed by a  structured design process in order to achieve the most efficient, engaging, and effective results.

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Active Follow Ups

Participants undertake concrete projects concerning dailies issues or development issues and they present their progress and findings to the rest of the team.  The duration of those workshop is 120  – 180 minutes and they create a great impact at participants and organization.

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Coaching Sessions

We develop a coaching plan aiming to guide and support store managers  during implementation phase.