Building Trust in Sales

by Kostas Voutsinas|
Trust is critical for sales success. Trust is building during the Sales process and it is series of “proofs” of good intention and excellent results.

In case of an existing cooperation, it is a daily process. However, it’s quite difficult to prove your good intention and the capability of produce results at the first or second sales call. Here are some ideas for building trust in sales.

Α. Produce Excellent Results

1.Show your expertise.

  • Show your excellence knowledge of your product and your services
  • Response to all questions or doubts of buyer by demonstrating knowledge of your market, of your competitors’ offer and especially for the impact of your offer on client and on final user /consumer.
  • Give testimonials (brochures, research, projects, reference, researches …)
  1. Create a common ground to work on.Nowadays buyers know quite lot of your product‘s benefit and drawbacks. . At most of the cases, they have used similar products or services. They looking for ideas and new ways to improve their situation by small , however very important steps, It is like ‘a ‘fine tuning” or a “surgical laser operation”. Usually they have a direction or some ideas about the solution but they can’t do it themselves. On the other side they are not willing to share all information and ideas they have. By creating a common ground one can gain trust and information.
  • Demonstrate similar experience and involve buyer. Ask buyer for differences and similarities from projects that you successfully run. Go deep, explain how you see it. Involve buyer but not insist. Ask buyer, “What you think?”, “Has the project similarities with you situation?” , let him ask for details, let him make the simulation. And mostly, get information, foresee obstacles, understand the need behind the need.
  • Demonstrate yourknowledge of the results and consequences of your offer. Be simple by saying “We usually receive that feedback”, “It was a happily expected by our client …..”.
  1. Create a common vision.

Put together byers’ needs and your experience, your ideas. Outline the frame and main targets and get buyer’s agreement. Ask buyer, what he think, if you are at the proper direction, if he foresee obstacles. Let them understand your way of thinking and your working style


Β.Proof your Good Intention

1.Demonstrate needs understanding. Understanding is the first level of trust. Since needs are usually complicate and subjective, a good seller must demonstrate a good understanding. Repeat buyer’s words, be concrete, don’t hesitate to ask, accept misunderstandings and finally make needs clear for both sides.

  1. Reassure, show your commitment. Buyers nowadays know suppliers’ products and benefits. But inside buyer’s mind are questions and doubts like “Can he really do it?”, “Is he the best solution?”. A good seller reassure and show commitment by referring to milestones , procedures, methodologies and others testimonials that secure a safe launching and a stable development of a potential agreement .
  2. Get a quick dive at your principals or your company’s principal. Principals are “proofs” of your honesty, stability and morality. Expose your principal to buyer. Be quick, be concrete and if possible give proof. And most important, do not overdo it. A lot of “bla bla” create opposite results.

4.Create a relaxing ambience by being simple and normal. There is no need to be too official, those days are gone. Buyers are looking for results, not for formalities. Create some moments for relaxing during the sales talk, let them trust you as a person.