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Strategic Sales Development

Actionpoint’s solutions build the skills that help those responsible for building business to do in a way that creates benefit for your company and value for your clients. Our holistic approach the Strategic Sales Development aims to develop skills and performance in alignment to market needs and company’s goals.

What is it ?

Strategic Sales Development is how sales management, sales capabilities, competences and finally  tools  need to be managed and developed to reach strategic targets of the company and meet changes in the industry.

  • Does your sales team apply your market strategy? Are there any leakage?

  • Do your salespeople deliver the proper Value proposition?

  • How salespeople manage customer relationships? Do they recognize different styles?

  • Do they recognize the sales situation and react accordingly?

  • How you motivate and reinforce your sales team?

  • Does your tools helps you guide your team, to measure results easily, to measure relation objectively?

The 4 axes of Excellence in Sales Execution


  • Sales people added value

  • More than sales skills - Improve performance. Develop an ongoing adaptive learning sales path according to market needs and organization’s goals.


  • Communicate strategy

  • Forge the direction, the sales path

  • Develop the right Mindset


  • Adapt to the Sales Situation pattern

  • Leadership in accordance to your Value proposition

  • A comprehensive understanding of what drives profitability and cash flow

Market Orientation

  • Analysis and synthesis market data

  • Understanding customer’s business objectives and purchasing criteria

  • Evaluate your relation objectively

Strategic Sales Development Process

We start by using assessments, interviews and field observation to evaluate your people’s potential to generate better sales results. In partnership with you we define the gap, design the right sales model and decide the commercial capabilities and behavior you need to develop. After training, we develop plan coaching sessions, rapid learning reinforcement and follow ups to ensure implementation and long lasting results.

Assessing the Present Situation

Customized Sales Pattern

Foster Sales Methodology

Training and Implementation

Ensuring Long Lasting Results